Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting my shit together

Well I'm done with the worst/hardest parts of the renovation. We've been in this house for 6 years now I think and so I know what works so to the outside person it might not look much different but some key things did change. Like I said before, this is a compromise between a lot of things. Half of the garage is dedicated to...stuff like the canoe, some retro bamboo furniture that will eventually find it's way onto a wraparound deck once I build it, a treadmill that I've had about 9 people tell me they'll call tomorrow to arrange a pick up, and some bikes and other crap. The rule for the other side of the garage is that it has to remain open enough to pull a vehicle in to work on it and still be able to close the door. I also need to be able to ride a trainer if need be, tie flies, and just hang out.

So the basic dimensions of the bench had to stay the same but I wanted it to be more sturdy and it really had to be more comfortable to tie flies at. I also have been wanting to get this Prentiss vice I found in my father in-laws stuff mounted up. This thing is so nice. It was cool to take it all apart and breath some new life into it. It should be good to go for another hundred years. I still need to sort a small issue with the bolts to mount it up but it feels much more solid than my made in China vice did. I ended up using particle board for the bench top because a 3/4 sheet was on sale for 10 bucks.

This was the first side I started putting together. The tying side got raised by about 3 inches and the side with the vice got lowered by about 2.5 and I only used a backsplash kinda thing across the tying side since I got another tool box.

Here's the whole thing. I think a bomb could go off and this thing would survive. Eventually I will put shelves up on this back wall. In order to make the tying are more comfortable I had to lower the shelf and that sucks because it's harder to get stuff in out from that area but it had to be done.

Eventually I'd like to cover this side of the bench in a steel top.

The tying area is much better now.

It was fun but I don't want to do it again.

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