Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good enough

Is NEVER good. I haven't been happy with my workbench in quite a while. I originally threw it together right before we moved into the house and it was never great. Over the years, I have figured out where I need things and this has resulted in things getting moved and things getting added and taken away and this has resulted in many holes in the bench top and the uneven legs. I cannot stand having holes in the top of the bench. The addition of some new tools finally was enough to re-do things. I started in on it Friday after school and worked most of the day yesterday. This is how I left it in the afternoon before getting cleaned up to go on a date with Heather. I still have a decent amount of work left but we got 6 inches of snow last night so I will have plenty of time today. It's still not going to be perfect because it's a compromise between fly tying, being able to work on things and have tools taking up space and I had a real hard time meeting the requirements for it all.

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