Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This is probably the worst time since I've been teaching to be employed as an educator. It's silly. It's not appropriate to go into specifics here but I did give serious consideration (while looking at myself in the bathroom mirror) to what else I could do to pay the bills today and that's a real shame cuz I like teaching. I can't be a model. I actually injured myself by having a guitar string poke me enough to bleed last week while practicing. I can't be a Swahili translator. I don't know that my quantity of beer consumption is enough to justify a funky micro-brewery hiring me as their exclusive taster. A fishing guides life is HARD and, while I've always wanted to pursue it, I often worry about what impact pimping out the river will have on me. I don't really know anything else. It's frightening. Of all the jobs I've ever had, I never felt that I was supposed to do something like when I teach.

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