Sunday, November 6, 2011

Buffalo Creek

The flows along the South Platte are dismal right now. Instead of heading out to fish yesterday I decided to go for a ride. We have such a vast network of trails out here. As surprising as this will probably sound, I had never ridden any of trails in the Buffalo Creek area before. The Colorado Trail passes through the area and I've always seen trails shooting off it but never explored them. So that's where I headed yesterday. For those back home, BC is equivalent to driving to Castlewood or the Chubb Trail from the South City so it's not all that far to go but it's sometimes hard to justify actually driving to any trail when I still continue to find new trails right out the front door.

I rode a bit of the trails in BC but they were kinda sloppy from the melting snow so I didn't stay long. This is the North Fork of the South Platte just a mile or so east of BC. Two very big bull moose were spotted standing side by side in the middle of this river in town (if you can even call it that as BC is super tiny) about 3 weeks ago. I was hoping to see them but didn't.

It was a weird day with weather moving in an snow flying for 30 minutes and then the sun popping back out again. I ended up riding a road along the river for 10 or 15 miles before venturing down a double track heading towards Strontia Springs Reservoir. I wasn't able to get too far in as it's all shut down because they're still dredging it. Then I headed back to the car and came home. I guess I was out for 3 hours on the singlespeed. I don't have any good photos of today because the camera was acting up again. I think I've dropped it too many times.

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Anonymous said...

I use to ride BC area almost every day after work. There are lots of loops and connections to make short or long loops--great area for fast flowing trails!!