Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cheesman Canyon

I haven't fished this section of the South Platte in quite a while. Scott was partyin' up in Golden last night and he ended the night drinking Busch beer. How that happened is beyond me but who am I to question? We made plans to meet up down in the canyon. I got there at a respectable hour and he brought up the rear several hours later. He did redeem himself though by lugging in 2 really nice Belgian beers. Here he is trying to showcase his form.

I got into this bow about 30 minutes after the hike in.

I ended the day with this one.

This is the Wig Wam Club. It's probably a mile or so of very private water. Some political types have been choppered in. I'd love to fish it but I'm not important enough and I certainly don't have deep enough pockets. Once in a Blue Moon, some of the larger Kamloops species of Rainbows there will roam up or downstream and be caught by some bum like myself but...not today.

This is a Scud. It's a crustacean. These are pretty simple life forms in that they don't really go through a complex process like most insects that trout eat. These are born small Scuds. They grow into big fat Scuds. Then they die. This one is dead.

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