Sunday, November 20, 2011


I did not go fishing today because it was super windy again. I figured I'd get some little projects taken care of around the house so I can get out tomorrow. The first thing I did was re-arrange the garage a bit so I could get a tying area set up. Heather wants to convert the second bedroom into a bit more of an office and wanted me to tie in there but I worry about dropping hooks on the floor and not being able to find them. Being in the garage is just better. It might be a bit cold in the dead of winter but I can be messier down there.

While I was down there and done with this project, I decided to pull the Subaru in and change out the foglight bulbs. This should have been a simple deal but those are usually the most difficult jobs. I got it all back together and adjusted them a bit better. I'll go find a flat spot and a building to really dial them in tonight. The headlights on the Subaru only have an adjustment for up and down. I really need the drivers light to go left. I think maybe the accident it was in a few year's ago might have something to do with it.

For the last year, there's been an annoying rattle somewhere in the center console. I decided to get to the bottom of that next. Once I got the console out I found the culprit. A penny was lodged right against the shift rod. Only contact was made in third gear.

While I was out for a test drive, a guy in a new STI got right up on my bumper and stayed there. I could see his smile but I didn't know him. Then he pulled along side of me and I put it all together. Rally mudflaps, suspension, exhaust, a fly fishing sticker, and a fly rod inside. It was almost like looking in a mirror except his car was really nice. He probably tie flies inside the house too.

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