Sunday, November 6, 2011


For the last few years I have lived with neck pain and limited range of motion every day. When it locks up on me the pain is just unbearable and I'm couch bound. Usually when this happens I'm doing nothing but alternating between ice and heat for a week before it loosens up. I tried a Chiropractor but just wasn't real happy with the results and trips to see him 3 times each week for a month was not something I could afford. My friend Dan wanted me to see his guy up in Boulder but he doesn't take my insurance and I suspect this is not an issue that's going to be fixed in one visit and I'm not sure I can drive to Boulder as much as it will probably take. I should call Eric over in PbVille to see if he thinks his needles can help it out but I'm also very nervous about it because I did see the x rays and the vertebrae in my neck looked odd but I'm also not an x ray tech. Not sure what to do.

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