Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last night I found myself missing my Vanagon. We've talked about looking for a new vehicle for me for a while now but just haven't done anything real serious. I'm told that I will have to keep this vehicle for longer than a year or two so I wanna get it right. I've considered many models from Subaru but then I fear that I will want to mod them and drive them stupidly. I'm looking for something that I could be pretty content with right out of the box. Lately I keep going back to the Nissan XTerra. It's bigger. It can hold lot's of gear and I could sleep in it if I had to. Unfortunately, it is not a van or a wagon and those are my G spots. I can't do a Vanagon even if it's got a Subaru motor swap because conversions never go right and there's always something that needs attention. So from time to time, I keep coming back to the Eurovan. It's got tremendous power with the VR6 motor. My buddy Adam pulls his trailer and drag car all day long while doing 85mph. They're big and boxy and kinda resemble a brick. YOu can get the pop top but I would be thrilled with another Weekender package. They are expensive though. Heather gives me the proper stink eye when we crunch the numbers and find out that it would be a $300ish payment on a van with 100,000 miles on it. The Achilles heel of the Eurovan is the transmission. They tend to go out and are serious money to have rebuilt. I'm pretty sure she knows about this little fact too. I know where I can find a blue 2001 right now but it would require the Homey hookup.'s not a Weekender.

Here's a fine specimen with a lot of custom work done to it (wheels, suspension, paint).

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