Monday, June 17, 2013


I was up late last night thinking about the situation with the Honda. I hate to simply throw money at a problem unless I know for sure that it's gonna solve something. I could not find anything on the ole interweb that talked about exactly how the brake fluid was distributed on this car. I was under the impression that one of the chambers in the master cylinder sent fluid and power to the drivers left front disc as well as the passenger right rear and that the other chamber went criss cross apple sauce. I did not think the power was simply split between front and rear. This morning I pulled the master cylinder off and put it in a vise and pushed the piston in and only got fluid out of one line. I was 99% sure the master was bad so eventually I ordered one. It showed up at 5. I had it bench bled and installed in 20 minutes. Then I started bleeding one of the brakes. It took forever but I knew it was coming. Finally, I got fluid. In another 40 minutes I had all 4 brakes bled and the car was back on the ground and ready for burnouts. Or just a test ride. I am so happy. I hate not being able to figure out a problem with something mechanical because it's really not all that complicated. I am very confident that the problem all along was with the master cylinder so I only wasted a bit of time at the junk yard and 10 dollars. But if a shop had done this work I'd be in the hole hundreds of dollars so I'm ahead of the game. The car still needs loads of work but at least I feel it's safe for the kid to drive. Next up will be a rear wheel bearing. About 15 years ago I bought the tools to install similar bearings on VW's and I still need to use them 2 more times in order to pay them off. This bearing HOWLS. I expect it to be dust when I get into it. The other big issue is that we don't know when the timing belt was done last so it's time. This is a single overhead cam motor so there's not much going on but any timing belt is a big job and the water pump is under all that too so it gets done as well as the thermostat. For now, I'm taking some time off to fish.

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