Saturday, June 15, 2013


Tour Divide started on Friday. Not gonna lie...I'm having a bit of a hard time not riding much. Yesterday morning after watching Trackleaders and seeing what some of the riders were up to I decided to get out for a small ride. I rode my old Marin 26" MTB. It looks like a circus bike with all the steer tube under the stem. I brought along my rock climbing shoes and chalk bag and rode about 4 miles out of town to do some bouldering. I haven't done this in a long time. It was fun but I'd rather be riding I think. There was a bunch of house sized boulders all stacked up on each other and I was able to leap frog from one to the other until I was at the top. Way above town. I sat there for about an hour. Listening. Thinking. I left when a storm blew in and pedaled home. Less than 10 miles and my neck was sore.

I'm trying to stay busy. I am fishing way more than in previous summers and that's a great thing. I've always talked about guiding during the summers and maybe this is a sign that I need to look into it. I've been taking on projects. The CB650 was super fun. The 98 Honda Civic that I worked on for the last 2 days was not. I installed all new belts, front rotors and pads, rear drums and shoes, plugs/wires, oil and filter, adjusted the drives door at the hinges so it closed properly, and it still needs a timing belt, water pump, thermostat, new shocks, and rear wheel bearings. It's a huge turd.

I feel a tad lost.

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