Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fishing is not a pain in the neck.

Yesterday I rode for 3 hours and my disc was killing me. Today I fished for 4 and my neck was fine. I truly do think it's just time for me to re-evaluate what cycling looks like for me. If it looks like anything at all. When I got to the river it was super windy and cloudy but I rigged up a double nymph rig with a flashback pheasant tail and a Barr emerger. I saw this sucker set up in a riffle and he was feeding. These garbage fish compete directly with the trout for food and sometimes when we're bored or taking a break, my buddy Scott and I will see who can foul hook one. Kinda mean...yes. What's worse is that I usually kill these or toss them to the birds. This fish took the pheasant tail and it's the first sucker that I have ever fair hooked. I felt it was a sign and I let him go. 

Heather says this is an Iris. I just thought it was pretty.

It didn't take long for a storm to roll in over the Divide. It passed just south of me but it offered enough darkness that I quickly switched over to a streamer and started catching trout. I didn't get any pictures of the trout but one of them was about 12" and he crushed a Meat Whistle. Just before I went to cradle it, it broke off and made out with some fancy jewelry. I would love to be there when someone catches that small fish with that 3" fly caught in the corner of it's mouth.

This is not potoshopped. This sucker took this streamer pattern. That's 2 suckers with totally fair hook sets in one day. This is actually the fly that I lost in the mouth of that ballsy Rainbow. Because this was also a fair hook, I felt as if I had to abide by the same rule for the other sucker. I let it go.

Another storm blowing in.

I hit rush hour on the way home and these 2 little ones did not want to move.

This cow elk and her calf were hanging out by the road as I came by. The calf took off but mom stuck around for a photo.

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