Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update of sorts

So I had to take Bodhi in to the vet for his annual shots. While I was there I thought I'd check in on Hooter the Long Eared Owl. Turns out that the surgery to his left wing didn't fix it because the joint was broken. This meant that they were going to put him down but, at the Golden Hour, they found an educational agency that would take his sassy ass. So he's going to a local woman that does educational presentations in the area here (at Mueller State Park, the Wolf Sanctuary, etc.). So I'll get to see him again once I find out when he'll be making appearances.

I also got a call from my fabulous doctor yesterday. This is odd. When does your doctor ever call you out of the blue? This is the same doctor that did not want me to be on a CPAP machine even after the test results showed huge improvements in my oxygen intake and sleep patterns when on it. Instead, she wanted me to take drugs that would make me wired all day and, hopefully, sleep better at night but never get to the actual root of the problem. This is also the same doctor that wanted me to get a saddle sore cut out. Anyways...I visited her a bit over a week before this year's CTR with a sore throat. They said that since I was already on 1 antibiotic for the saddle sore (Cephalexin) that there wasn't any reason to do another for the throat. They also said the results were negative for Strep. So yesterday she asks if I'm still feeling bad and does my throat still hurt. Well.....yes. It does actually. That's because the results (the real ones I guess) really indicated that I did (do) have Strep. So now I'm on Amoxicillin which is probably what I should have been on the first place. I am now looking for a new doctor.

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