Friday, August 19, 2011


If you know me you know that I'm not really a people person. Sometimes I think people are the worst. I am not the type of person that engages in conversation with strangers all that often. The other day I'm in a waiting room avoiding eye contact with others and acting extremely interested in an article in Time magazine. Really I was just looking at pictures. There's a guy who's wearing a beret. There's nothing wrong with that...I'm just trying to set the scene for you visual folks. He's talking with a few other guys about whatever. All of a sudden he asks if they wanna hear a story. They say yes. Who's gonna say no in that position? He scoots over closer to them and starts in about his father. Then I overhear that his father is no longer with us. Then I feel bad because that's unfortunate for anyone. He goes on (in a bit of a whisper) about how his father lost an eye. I forget how but that's so not important. Well this guy talks about how after his father passed on he wanted to do something special. Next thing I know this guy pulls out a necklace and the guessed it. It's his father's fake eye. Then he says that his father is always keeping an eye on him.

Recently when my father in-law passed on, Heather and I were going through his belongings. It felt very inappropriate at first for me and I left the room and went to watch t.v. and thought about it. The next morning after talking with my friend Adam, I realized that if he were still living, he would want to show me all of the really neat stuff he had accumulated through the years. As we looked through his jewelry, I found a Saint Christopher necklace and pendant that he wore a lot. Before I drove back to Colorado I asked Heather if I could have it and she said yes. I was baptized Catholic but I've been at odds with God for years. I hope it's not disrespectful to wear it. It's not a fake eye but who am I to judge how other's remember loved ones?

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