Saturday, October 30, 2010

Productive little Saturday really

The Jeep has been neglected lately and I feel bad about that. I decided to spend some time on it this morning. Heather is really hard on brakes and the stock rotors on it are horrible. Seems like every two years I have to replace them. This time I just had the rotors turned and put on new pads.

While I was waiting for the rotors to get done, I decided to figure out what was setting off the check engine light. I knew the code was coming back with some type of evaporative system leak. I bet half the time I've had to work on this Jeep (which hasn't been much) its because of a problem in this system. Most of the system consists of hard plastic line but there are some rubber lines as well and they eventually crack. I thought I replaced all of the rubber lines last time but I didn't. This job is usually like finding a needle in a haystack but I found this little cut in about 10 minutes this time. I even had some hose laying around to fix it too.

Then I decided to investigate why the passenger window suddenly decided to stop working the other day. One nice thing about having owned multiple Cherokees is that it sure makes fixing them easy. Chrysler made the wires that run through the A pillars and control the speakers and windows/locks just a tad too short. Over time, they end up cutting the insulation and then they begin to intermittently work. So I fixed that issue. The rotors and pads went back on and that job was done. The brakes on the Jeep leave a lot to be desired after driving the Subaru. Those WRX brakes almost make that thing stand on it's nose.

While I was at it I looked into the oil leak. The valve cover is leaking which is nice. On the inline 6 motor, they end up doing this and then it runs down the back of the motor and presents itself just like a rear main seal leak. Now that I know about it, I'll get the gasket and leave that job for another day.

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