Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm pretty sure I'm going to sell my Orbea frame so I wanted to take it out for one last fling on Saturday. It was an emotional ride. I really like that frame. I am absolutely torn on this decision. I wish someone would just tell me what to do. I headed out of town and jumped on the Ring the Peak Trail and had a nice ride up to the Crags Campground. Then I kept going a bit further towards Horse Thief. I stopped at the edge of a nice field and had a lunch of String Cheese and Pepperjack, an apple, and some Summer Sausage. I could have taken a great nap but I wanted to keep riding. I rode a bit further up before I decided to turn around and head back.

There was a bit of snow in some sections but the trail was in great shape. Ring the Peak is really one of my favorite trails. I saw three guys all day and they were out hunting elk.

Today I washed my bike but I did not strip it yet. I still want to see an El Mariachi up close before I take everything apart and remove all of the 3M tape from the frame. I would like to take this frame on the Colorado Trail one more time before I build up what will be a TD bike. I have the bike in my head and it's gonna be a little different. I just hope it works for the CT as I really do wanna complete it although I have given a lot of thought to just moving on for now and coming back to it later.

Anyway...I'm sure I'll figure it out. I ended up being out for 4 hours and I loved every minute of it.

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