Sunday, August 23, 2009

Whole Enchilada

There's a ride in Moab each year called the Whole Enchilada. From what I can gather it uses a portion of a popular shuttle ride there that has a REALLY LONG downhill. Don't quote me but I wanna say it's like 15 miles. Anyway people get shuttled to the top and then ride the trail down. Now some endurance guy or guys got the idea to make a nasty loop that includes this downhill portion. So every year a bunch of people get together and do a spirited ride on this loop. This year I'll be going thanks to an invite I got the other day from Marshal Bird. I think the loop is just under 70 miles long and right at 15,000' of gain. It's really important for me to get my nutrition more dialed in for this so I can enjoy it and set some thing straight in my head.


Anonymous said...

Last yr there was a water stash close to the top of the main climb. Also there is a nice mtn stream for filtering at the beginning of the long descent (I am going to toss in my filter this yr and have ice cold water for the hot / low elev afternoon)

I think 300 to 350 cal’s/hr seems to be a common goal for top endurance racers. As you know, you can never ‘take in’ what you ‘use’ while racing. Personally I have a hard time getting more than 200cals/hr down. So I just try for small amounts during my ride and try to time a ‘extra intake’ 20 min before a climb and a extra large/full meal amount at a rest stop or at the beginning of a easy sec/down hill

you ever done Moab?? I am getting stoked…..

Anonymous said...

oh, I almost forgot. This is a perfect ride to experiment by bringing lots of extra food types, salty, sweet, spicy, processed junk food and power bar/gu types, whatever.

Then after about 7-10hrs of hammering what ever looks good and goes down, well that’s the food type your body is saying it needs/wants/works for the long long day

Chris said...

NEVER ridden Moab. I know you're all about the desert but if I see any snakes, they're history dude.

I'll be in touch soon enough to discuss some things.

Mitch the Masher said...

Ever try adding Carbo Pro to your bottles. It's mostly tasteless. I make mega calorie bottles and use only water in the back pack. You can make 500 calorie bottles that taste OK, albiet a little thick! Wish I was there.

You Burnin this year?

Chris said...

For a shorter event like this I can (and will) get a lot of mileage out of 2 bottles of Perpetuem. It's just the longer stuff that still has me needing more smarts.

I would LOVE to Burn again but I don't know if I can swing the flight right now. We'll see.