Sunday, August 23, 2009

I did ride last night but today I did a longer ride. I'm going to keep some data on my rides for maybe a month and then see what it looks like. The stats from today are:
Distance: 30.7
Time: 2:49
Avg. HR: 158 bpm
Calories burned: 2262
Weight pre-ride: 163.4
Weight post-ride: 159.8 (I lost 3.6lbs.)

Now I guess I'm primarily interested in the caloric information and the weight loss which should be mostly from water loss due to sweat. According to this info I burned about 750 calories each hour and I lost an average of 1.2lbs. of water weight each hour. A small bottle of water weighs right at 1.3lbs. I only drank a bit over 2 bottles today (I never drink enough water). Today I ate 1100 calories for breakfast. I did not eat the first hour on the bike. The second hour I ate 350 calories. The last 49 minutes I ate 160 calories. Now I don't know anything about nutrition but I'm wanting to see if there's anything to be gained from all this or am I wasting time here? I guess in the last week or so I've come to wonder about the fact that I'm NOT cut out for longer endurance stuff. I've spoken to some guys who are darn near as scrawny as me and they make it work. The only difference I can conclude after talking to them is with their intake of food and water.

Here's some pics from the ride today:

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