Saturday, August 22, 2009

How 'bout these???????

Yesterday Heather and I went back to school shopping. We both needed to get some new clothes and we both wanted to get new eyeglasses. Shopping for frames with Heather is a lot like shopping for house paint with Heather. She has trouble making a decision. I nail something down within the hour. I lost count of how many different eyeglass places we went into. The number of frames that she tried on is easily in the hundreds and they all look pretty damn similar to me. So for hours, the only question I was asked was, "How about these?" This question isn't as bad as, "Do these make my butt look big?" But it is close. I can't tell the difference between the 10th frame and the 297th one. After an 8 hour shopping marathon, we headed home. With no eyeglasses for Heather. I decided to not get any myself but only because I'm a cheap bastard unless it's cool gear.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to take her to 8 hours worth of bike shops to help me pick out a set of black grips. How about these? How about these? Are these too thick? Do you like these better than the ones we saw at the other shop? How about these?

I love my wife to death but she is blind as a bat without her glasses. I will say that I was afforded a bit of humor when I began thinking about what? Seinfeld of course. The episode where George lost his glasses at the gym came to mind. Heather has trouble trying on new frames (without her contacts) b/c she can't see herself in the mirror. At one point I began to giggle when I thought about George picking out ladies glasses from the Gloria Vanderbilt collection. While eating pretzels in Jerry's apartment, Kramer said, "May I have some of those pretzels madam?" I was in tears as I saw her squinting in the mirror. At one point, Jerry even said, "George can squint his way down to like 20/30 version.

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