Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm sitting next to the screen door talking on the phone with my buddy Leo tonight. The Jeep and the van are right below the deck. I hear some racket and ask Heather what the noise was. She says it was me and I give her the stink eye. Then I hear it again and tell her to mute the tv. Then I hear it again. I tell Leo I'll call him back and grab my bike light and pop out the front door to find a small bear trying to get in the sliding window of my damn van. So I scan the yard looking for mom and finally see her behind the van but then see another cub in front of the van. I grab the snow shovel from the front porch and start banging it on the deck. Mom moves to the end of the driveway but the cubs have NO FEAR. Not good. I wanna scare the piss out of the cubs. I start yelling. Nothing. I can't see mom and that is nerve wracking. Heather's yelling at me but I can't let these cubs do this or they'll get into real trouble in town. I finally spot where mom is and feel comfortable enough to get in the driveway and grab the garden hose. I let em have it and they make for the tree in the side yard but mom didn't dig that. I got one 45lb pitbull on the deck going ape crazy to get at whatever is in the driveway and another 70+ one trying his damndest to get under the bed. Needless to say I know who's getting an extra milk bone tonight. I finally got them to move along but they just strolled real easily across the street and through the creek.
All you can see if eyes here.

All this after last night when I let Dharma out to go poddy and spotted some eyes looking at me from across the street. We have a lot of animals up here but the eyes were really far apart so I knew it was something big. I grabbed my light to get a better look. I actually thought it was a mountain lion. It turned out to be a lone deer.

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