Monday, August 10, 2009

Back home

6 days of LONG rides. 350ish miles of mostly singletrack. 0 flats or mechanicals of any kind. 1 minor crash. 1 nightmare where I awoke in tears. 43,000' of gain. 1 ballzy little ferret and a very sore and swollen wrist area (I'm supposed to go fishing with my buddy Scott this week but I can't throw a fly rod so we're gonna fish with bobbers and drink beer).

I've been back home for a few days now and doing nothing but sleeping and eating. Right now I don't know that I'll try that trail again. Right now I don't know that I'm cut out to do super long endurance stuff like that. I just can not bring in enough calories to maintain the engine. I cant believe how much food I had when I rolled out of BV. I didn't eat hardly any of it to get to the Hot Springs. I pigged out there but still managed to eat through almost all my food in the next 2 days.

I've started writing up a race report 3 times now and deleted them all. I'm completely fine with the fact that I pulled the plug this year. I just had so many thoughts racing through my head that last day that I'm not sure what to say about the race. I do believe it's out of my system though but we'll see what happens over the next few months. I have tons of pics.


Anonymous said...

I had fun following the escapades again this year. I know what you mean about being cut out for it. The speed those front guys were riding the trail was unbelievable. They are not normal. I can't even fathom the what you accomplished.
Now that your back home, let's get back to work on that van! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Only you know if the CTR is still itching at you but if it does......well..... I have know doubt you can......

Mitch the Masher said...

Maybe you just need a couple other fools from St.Louis to head out with you next year. It might happen! The route seemed much more intense, lets see-bike path or all day hike over crazy pass. Awesome job!

Dave Harris said...

It's an insane route, no doubt. Stefan is demented.

Nice work making it so far - a massive ride!