Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Staying busy

It has been pretty cold up here in the mountains the last few days so there hasn't been much to do. The South Platte where I normally fish has low flows and it's an ice rink right now. The flows in Cheeseman Canyon are good but it's a decent hike in to spend the day biting ice off the rod guides every few casts. In between letting coats of paint dry on the kitchen cabinets, this is what we've been doing mostly. 

Every once in a while I scour the interwebs for deals and happened to find one on a Niner carbon fork about a week ago. I have always wanted one of these forks for my single speed but could never justify the price. I found a new 2011 one for $199 with free shipping and ordered it up. It arrived tonight.

Tang was the only color they had left. I really like this color but wasn't sure how it would look on my bike but thought I had enough Chris King mango stuff to pull it off. Honestly, I really didn't care what color it was. I can't believe how light this fork is.

I got it measured up tonight and cut down a bit. I know the stack height is really long but the bike was built with all day comfort in mind (and I still have neck pain every once in a while) as well just being a rock solid bike that wouldn't present many mechanicals. The orange looks a little odd but single speed is odd and well...spandex is even more odd so what the hell. I need to get another compression cap tomorrow as I managed to break the through bolt tonight. Don't ask how. I'm still shaking my head. When I run geared, I use a carbon Noir crank with orange accents so it should look pretty good if I ever throw them back on again. I also still have my carbon Orbea Alma and the fork will look great on there too. In the future the plan is to order up a White Industries ENO hub and run that frame as a dedicated SS too. I'd love to know how light that bike could be.

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