Monday, December 31, 2012

I asked for it.

I've been asking for a project for a while now. Heather gave me one. It involves renovating the kitchen. Our house is small and humble but we really like it. With a small house you can make it look really nice with minimal effort/investment. We've painted the entire house and last year we re-did the bathroom. Our main room has really tall ceilings and we thought we nailed the color a few years ago but now we think it looks like shit. Same deal in the kitchen. And I HATE oak. So this is our narrow and slightly deep kitchen this morning before I started in on it. 

I have way more time than I do money and I don't really hate the layout of the cabinets...just the color. So the plan right now was to remove all the doors and drawers and hardware and then go with a dark chocolate color over the oak. I started on the left side this morning. There is a lot of prep work involved but I got the first coat of paint on at about 6 tonight. Here are some of the doors drying.

Here are the frames drying. This job pretty much sucks ass. I think in our head we're thinking about chocolate cabinets with externally mounted stainless/brushed hardware. We wanted to do stainless counter tops but they are spendy so we're also looking at dark quartz or maybe even concrete (although we have heard they stain badly). But....think gray for the counters. Then for the walls we will go with some shade of blue/gray. Originally we talked about Robin Egg blue but that's probably more blue than we'll end up with. Finally, we want to go with a subway tile style backsplash to give the illusion of depth.

Lastly, I took this picture of Bodhi the other night. He appears to be sniffing Mr. Bills nutsack. He's a good boy.

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