Saturday, June 30, 2012

On a lighter note

The people that have been kind enough to open their doors up to us left last night to go camping for the weekend. Just a little bit ago, we decided to let the dogs out in the backyard and throw the ball a bit. Heather took over the throwing duties because I decided to shave my legs to pass the time. Recently I started using an electric shaver because I find razors to be frightening. It doesn't get as close owned but that's fine. I'm actually about done with the whole shaving thing in general. To be honest, the biggest motivator for me to do it all anymore is that after a 12 hour day on singletrack, it's just easier to clean up and on the odd chance that I do crash and get a decent cut, it does make the fist aid in a remote area easier.

Anyways...I'm out there getting after it when all of a sudden I hear a small voice across the yard. I look up and there's a little girl in the neighbors yard. She was probably 5 and she was grilling us. Who were we, why were we here, did we know the people that owned the house and their little girls, did we wanna see her favorite rocks? Finally...she says, "What are you doing?" I say..."Nothing." Who wants to try to explain to a 5 year old why they're shaving their legs? "That thing that's in your hands...what are you doing to your legs?" Heather is laughing at this point and mumbling that I should explain that I am shaving my legs. Finally, I say, "Have you ever heard of stranger danger?" She says, "No." I say, "Well I have and I don't know you so I'm taking my razor and going inside." Heather was laughing too hard to get up out of the chair. I was really hoping she wouldn't have a drop of her soda go down the wrong pipe.


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