Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Duty Free

Traveling with my wife is fun but she's not much of a risk taker. She always thinks we're gonna get in trouble for something. Sometimes it can be a total buzz kill but I love her. This picture was taken in one of the Duty Free shops in Cabo while we were waiting to hop a plane. This is the biggest damn bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label I have ever seen. I wanted to buy it but I'm pretty sure it was around $171 after performing some quick Pesos to Dollars conversion math in my little brain. I was going to pick it up and hold it but I was nervous that I would drop it and it would break. If that were to happen I would have done the honorable thing and paid for it but this also would have meant that I would have been laying on my belly in the middle of the floor slurping booze until I was completely shit faced and then removing my shirt to sop up as much as possible and wring it out into an empty water bottle. Look at the girth on that bottle!! 

The reason that the entire bottle is NOT in the picture is because Heather thought we would get in trouble for taking a picture in the first place. What!!!  

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