Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Cabo

This was just one of the killer sunsets we got to watch while staying in Cabo. This happened to be when we were coming back into the bay (Sea of Cortez) where all the nightlife really happens. 

As you head out from the Sea of Cortez, you will see all these rocks off to the right. This is where the Arch is that a lot of tourists want to get a picture taken. Depending on the year, sometimes these beaches are available and sometimes not. We were told it happens about every 4 years that you can actually go to them. You need to hire a water taxi to get out there. This particular small beach is called Lovers Beach. It is on the Sea of Cortez side and the water is calm and warm and this little area is fantastic for diving and snorkeling. The sea lions all hang out on the exposed rocks in the water.

This is the other side of Lovers Beach so this is now the Pacific Ocean. This beach is much bigger right now and it is called Divorce Beach. The water on this side is very cold and the breaks are violent and the currents are deadly. They say the two beaches are kind of like a relationship with one being all warm and fuzzy and the other being nasty and cold. Divorce Beach doesn't look all that bad in this picture but we were in between breakers. The wet area on the rock on the right side of the picture is probably 20-30 feet high.

What we have here is me re-hydrating after one of my workouts. I had to get a little creative down there this time so I ended up either running stairs for 30-60 minutes and then riding a stationary bike for up to 2 hours each day. Negra Modelo was crucial for keeping me going and I am considering putting in for sponsorship. I learned my lesson last time I was in Mexico. The shirt and hat stayed on as did socks when lounging by the pool. 

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