Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not much to report lately. Been riding a fair amount. Work is stupid crazy and we have state testing for the next 2 weeks. Even with that on deck and some other stressful stuff, there's still a lot of cool shit going on. I got out today for 4.5 hours on the blinglespeed. I have a loop that I do that starts in Lake George and heads out west towards Spinney Ranch and then circles 11 Mile Reservoir before dumping me back into the beautiful 11 Mile Canyon and then back to Lake George.

I made due for almost 4 hours with trail mix, Mike and Ike's, M&M's, and Good and Plenty's because I wanted to eat lunch in the canyon while watching the river. I like to just dump all of them in my gas tank bag and then just mix em up and get what I grab while on the move. I almost brought my fly rod along today and wished I had when I watched at least a bakers dozen of decent Rainbows feed in this pool. They were stacked up just to the left of that boulder and in the trailing edge of that darker oval spot.

I can't believe nobody was climbing. Pretty rare that this rock face isn't getting worked over on a nice day.

The ice along this stretch of water had some blue hues to it a la Alaska. They're glaciers.

Hope you got out and did something fun this weekend.

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