Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amped up

Maybe a year ago the amp in Heather's Jeep shit the bed after the hot wire coming from the battery almost started a fire. I knew the issue was with the hot wire but was too rushed at the time to figure it out. Today I got a wild hair and decided to look at it. I pulled the hot wire connecting the battery to the amp out and found the issue. The insulation had been compromised where the wire entered through the firewall. So I ran thicker wire, made the entry hole bigger, and wrapped the wire right there (I already had installed a rubber o-ring there and I'm not really sure how the insulation became worn in the first place). I ran the wire back under the center console and under the carpet all the way back to the amp again. When I turned it on there was no power to it. I did put an inline fuse in that hot wire and the amp itself also has a fuse so I knew at least one was blown. It turned out to be the fuse on the amp. I replaced it and it immediately blew when I plugged it in. So did the next one. I checked the ground wire and it was fine. I even checked the remote start wire that runs to the head unit and it looked good. I'm miffed. I suppose the amp could be fried but it's the fuses job to make sure that doesn't happen. I suppose it's also possible that the new wire from the battery has been compromised but that's not likely. I gave up on it today. Tomorrow I guess I'll check the continuity of the wire. I hate when I can't fix a simple problem.

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