Friday, July 29, 2011

Here we go

I don't have a whole lot to say about the effort this year. I'm excited to go but we'll see where my head's at once I get riding. It's been a rough summer. 3 weeks ago I felt like I was on another level. In the last 2 weeks I pulled something in my neck again, I had a sore throat that has now turned into a wonderful sinus infection, and to top things off, I had a lovely little saddle sore. I took 4 days off the bike totally and was drugged up and slept most of the day while we had out of town guests here (I'm a wonderful host). I used heat and ice on my neck when I wasn't sleeping and it's a bit looser now but still has a tight spot. My cold is on the way out but I still have that tingly head thing going on. And...I can now say that an irritated saddle sore doesn't hurt nearly as much as getting a shot directly in the middle of one does.

I'm still riding off road so my bike won't get the final cleaning/tune until early Sunday morning. I have the capacity to carry 8 bottles of water this year (in ounces...not literally 8 bottles). With 6 full bottle ounces and enough food to last me for 24 hours, I am at 40 pounds. That's at least 8 pounds lighter than in 2009 and I thought that was pretty well sorted.

I'm a little surprised at the number of starters on the list. There are some big names that are missing so they may still show up. The first 6 miles of singletrack are really overgrown and tight so that might be interesting. I have a solid game plan for this year and I'm confident that I can stick to it mentally and ride my own race. My heart rate was sky high on today's ride but that's likely from the illness/recent stress and the excitement of the looming start. If my legs and head are good then I hope to play a few big hands this year. We'll all know soon enough.

Thanks for checking in. Thanks for the support. Talk to ya later.


colhiker said...

Hope you enjoy your ride-sounds like you are well prepared! Hoping for the best for you.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Chris, ride your race, stay focused, push through the negative mental gyrations. And don’t forget to take a deep breath and “enjoy” the moment, even the crappy ones, you are doing something only a few ever really get a shot at.

Ha-- and remember, Sharon and I will be glued to your Spot and we do expect a good show!!

Double Cheers

'e' said...

Chris, this is Eric in pbville from the CTR. My digits are 719-838-0167.......I can definitely help with your neck. Hit me up