Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Other new stuff

I waited a bit long this year on new shoes. That wasn't the plan but it's the hand I was dealt. I ended up buying the X Alp Elite shoes from Pearl Izumi. It's a bit different from the X Alp shoe I've used the last 3 years but I really like it. I will say that I have never had a more difficult time getting my cleats dialed in before. In the last 2 weeks, I have made multiple adjustments on every ride. The shoe might be cut a bit differently than the old pair but I also got a size bigger this time. I think I might have gotten it sorted today. This was the first ride that felt comfortable on my feet while pedaling. These shoes are incredible while hiking.

My other recent purchase was a new pack from Osprey. I have no clue why I didn't buy this pack sooner. It's that comfortable. With my old pack, I had to constantly throw it around on my back as it shifted on both trails and roads. This pack just doesn't move. It's also loaded with features. I have first aid stuff, tools, pump, tube, baby wipes, water filter stuff, and rain jacket hidden and I haven't put a thing in the main compartment yet.

I weighed my bike last night. I still haven't put on my new tires. They should be a bit lighter but not much. Bike, rear Carousel seat bag with bivy and bag, Revelate Designs gastank bag with enough food for 6 hours of riding, front Carousel roll bag with arm/knee warmers, rain knickers, wool socks, long sleeve base layer, fleece hat, down vest, and fleece mittens, GPS, and heart rate monitor all come in at 31.25lbs. I'm pretty sure I'm calling an audible right now in the area of my sleeping system and bringing a down bag instead of leaving it at home (although I'll make the final call at the last minute). If I did that, I could be sub 30 but I do think I'd be in trouble if I got hurt and had to hunker down for a long night in dropping temps. I always think back to '09 when I bivied at Camp Hale and totally froze through the night. I woke up with everything covered in thick frost. Tomorrow I'll load up the pack and see what it weighs and have a good idear of where I'll be. I remember complaining about how heavy 32lbs felt a month ago. Now I don't even notice it. I'm glad I rode fully loaded most of the summer.

Thanks for checking in. Hope you're all well.

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