Monday, May 4, 2009

non-craptastic day

Work That's all I'm saying about that.

It was a bit chilly but I did manage to get in a ride after work. One trip down the pass and back up and then I finished things off with a solid effort up to Rampart Range road. I need to get the stats on this climb. It's a good one. I love climbing it. The bears are out of hibernation and there was evidence of that once I got up that way.

The van has 3 dome lights and another light just above the glove box. All lights are wired into the door switches except the one above the glove box. Makes no sense. Heather has to climb up in the dark while the rest of the van is lit up pretty well. Tonight I wired up the glove box light into the door switch so now I have 4 dome lights. Fairly easy to do (after locating the switch wire) and super functional. I'm happy.

Right now I'm enjoying a Belgian beer (Malheur) that my good friend Scott brought me. It's 10% ABV and it's OH SO GOOD. It's my second one tonight. That's all I'm saying about that too.

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