Saturday, May 9, 2009


Citizen On Patrol.

Back when I used to work for Big Shark, Weiss was the COP supreme. Today I took action.

I was at Dicks looking for swim trunks for the Mexico trip. I considered a Speedo but that's another story. I left the store with nothing. I'm sitting in the van at an intersection and I see this guy backing out of his spot. He does not look like he knows what he's doing. He backs into a new Maxima and crunches it good. My mouth hit the floor. Then he put it in drive and started to leave and I began yelling. At least a dozen people saw this and no one took action. I got the plate number and wrote a note and put it on the car with my info. Wish someone would have helped me out last night. Not sure what will happen.

I do remember when my Audi got hit one night at Blockbuster and a witness got the plates of the other driver and the cops said they couldn't do a thing about it. Seemed suspect.

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