Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have been very worried about this years CTR for several weeks now but I haven't been able to even think about it because things are so stressful at work and I can't take on anymore. I just finished up 2 grad school classes and I am taking 1 this summer. Then I'm down to my final 3 hours before graduation. I need some gear for an attempt this year but I wasn't thinking that student loans wont be an option for me as I'll be less than part time. In a perfect world I'd run a new drivetrain, new wheels, rebuild the fork, and get new brakes. I also would like to do a new sleeping system. Heather is very worried about this year and I have to replace my SPOT so she has some piece of mind. Now I'm trying to prioritize things. The SPOT is non-negotiable. I might be able to get by with a new cassette and chain and run the same rear derailleur and chain rings. I worked on those breaks several times a day last year but I may have to run them again this year. The fork needs new seals but I may take a chance. Maybe the rear hub will hold up? I need to make a call but I think I can borrow a bivy this year. I know I'll probably get wet from condensation but I don't have many options. This race is just so darn hard on equipment but it pretty.

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