Friday, April 18, 2014

Motorcyle Update

The tank for the Cafe Racer is done and it really came out looking sharp. I'm kicking around color ideas now and hope to have it painted in the next month or two but I need to wait for it go get warmer. 

This is a friend's CB that I look to for inspiration sometimes.

I go back and forth on my bike a lot. A week ago I did not like the direction it was going in at all and actually considered selling it. This week...I'm digging it again. I was never thrilled with how the front end looked (mostly the fender). I thought about bobbing it but I really wanted to keep it chrome and I wanted the rolled edges on both ends. When I bobbed the back fender I was able to retain that because I cut the end under the seat but that would have been much more difficult to pull off up front. I thought about doing a fiberglass fender but I kinda like the chrome. So my next step was to try to find a set of struts. This was not easy. I missed a few fenders on ebay but the other day I found just these struts and made the seller an offer that he accepted. They showed up today. I love how they transformed the front of the bike. Gonna look good with some new, modern tires.

This is one of the bikes that was on display at the Handmade Motorcycle Show last week in Austin. I love the modern front end, the black wheels, the 4-1 exhaust, and I love the shade of blue and the tank shape. I don't even mind the non-black frame color. I do not dig the rear suspension or the seat but it is interesting. Frackin' gorgeous bike. Hope one day mine will be as hot looking.

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