Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break!

It's finally here and boy did I need it. I stayed at my last teaching job too long and it damn near ruined my career. I think if I had fallen assbackwards into my current job after relocating to Colorado, things would be different. But, this year, I've battled more and more health issues that I'm sure are related to stress. I still fight my neck day in and day out. I had shingles and I'm still not in the clear on something else (which I go in for more testing at the end of April). I'd be lying if I said there weren't times where I considered quitting my current job. My principals know it. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be here though. I know they want me back next year so we'll see how things go then. My self confidence seems to be growing more and more each day and I'm not sure what the hell else I'd do to pay for slightly less than 23% of the bills around this house and I have to keep Heather in the lifestyle that she has grown accustomed to living in since hooking up with me. Truth be told, I'm the lucky one in the relationship and I know it. 

My eyesight is getting worse in my old age so on Monday, we had a date with the eye doctor. Heather bought me new glasses. 

Today I went back out to the river. While driving out of town, I passed this bitchin' T-Bird. Sometimes I wish we could move to the beach and own an old convertible. It would be great to have a bunch of fly rods hanging out the back of it on the way to the water.

I fished for 6 hours today and was exhausted afterwards. This was during a lunch break. Once in a while I get email and texts on the water but never this time of year because they shut the towers down. So I was alarmed when my buddy Scott texted me today and I got it. I sent this to him to ask how work was going on his end but, in reality, I was the one who was working. I got owned today. Things just wouldn't go my way. I'm a bit of a snob. Generally, my policy is that I don't fish "fishy" water. I only cast to fish that I can see, that are big, and that are feeding. I tend to cover a lot of water. For some reason, every fish I spotted today was very big and they were that way because of where they were hidden. Super hard drifts that were deep with some crazy ass hydraulic thrown in for added challenge. I ended up hooking three of them and they all broke off. I worked one for an hour and made at least a dozen fly changes. I was worked over. And humbled. Today was the first time that a DOW official rode up to me on horseback to check my license. I half hoped I didn't have it on me and that he would take all my gear.

Not sure where I will go tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

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