Saturday, May 31, 2014

I haven't updated this thing in a long time. The school year is winding down to a close. I haven't worked on the motorcycle in a while. I've needed some parts and just been too darn tired to order them. I finally found a few minutes earlier in the week to get them ordered. I've been having a problem with cylinder #4 not working. I suspected it was because of the stock coils or wires. Well the 40 plus year old coils tested out ok but the wires were very suspect. Unfortunately, you cannot replace just the wires on this system. can but it would involve cutting into the coils and removing the wires and then reinserting new ones and figuring out how to seal them from the elements. Seemed like more of a pain than I was willing to do for a bike that I plan on keeping. So I ordered new Dyna coils, wires, and picked up fresh plugs. The stuff showed up on Friday. 

I started on the repair this morning. Here's one coil wired up and ready to go back on. The other one looked the same. Then I had to cut the plug wires and crimp on the new connectors and hook it all up. Right away the bike started significantly better.

I picked up a milk crate today from a friend of mine that didn't need it any longer. This is my idea of how I will carry my waders and boots while riding to the river this summer.

The mile crate will look a bit better once the paint dries. This is NOT something that will be on the bike unless I am going to the river.

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