Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Working on Mable

Work continues on the cafe project. I continue to find surprises on this motorcycle. Like this one. At some point, someone thought it would be a good idea to clear coat the gas cap, the locking mechanism, the pins that keep it attached to the tank and the spring. It's the definition of lazy. It took a lot of time but I was able to get it all off and polished up. 

Much better.

I keep coming back to this picture. You can see the ridge line around the filler neck here. This is only on the right side of the filler neck. I'm trying to decide what to do here. Do I use body filler to make it flush or do I let the line show and accent it a bit with some pin striping?  Part of me really digs the rawness of the line.

I also kept coming back to the ignition location. I hated how it was mounted on the handlebar clamp with the wires all visible. It just stuck out. So I kept looking at the front of the bike and finally decided that I would try to mount the ignition below the triple tree. After I removed a lot of stuff in that area, I was able to access the bottom of the triple tree, take some measurements, and make a cardboard template. Then I transferred the shape to some aluminum. Here is the final piece. Actually, this is the second one I made. Those that know me know how anal I can be. There was just one little issue with the first one that I didn't dig so I started over. This one is much better.

Here is the bracket mounted, wires re-run and I used a new and smaller starter button. This will eventually get removed again after I get the bike back together and running so that I can add a blue LED and a red one (for brights...once I get a switch figured out, and the red LED will be for oil pressure).

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