Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day Before Thanksgiving Stuff

Well it's the day before Thanksgiving. I've had the entire week off and I've been trying to get as much work done on the tank for the cafe project as possible but I've been battling cold temperatures and illness. About 5 days ago, I got a rash on my back and then noticed that the left side of my neck, left shoulder, and left forearm felt weird. I couldn't really describe the feeling but finally settled on telling Heather that they felt tingly or almost like they were asleep (but not really). Finally, on Monday, I began experiencing an enormous amount of pain in those areas and decided I better call my doctor. He got me in later that day and, low and behold, I have Shingles. I don't know much about this illness but I do know that it's painful as shit. The rash feels like a burn and, at times, I experience absolutely stabbing pains that make me jump. The muscles in those areas are also pretty locked up. I've been told that this could last up to 4 weeks. Ahhhh....getting old. 

Yesterday I kept taking the drugs my doctor prescribed and slept as much as possible. The flip side of that coin was that I didn't sleep at all last night due to the pain. Today it was supposed to be 45ish up here so I really wanted to get a bit of work done. I decided to move everything outside in the sun. It felt good to be out of the house. The first thing I decided to do was sand off all of the body filler that I had worked so hard to put on the top of the tank around the filler neck. I just wasn't feeling it. Then I kept working on the left side of the tank (the worst side). It's in pretty good shape now. Here you can see I have 2 big areas of concern still and hope to tackle them in the morning. I'm super pleased with how the knee dents are shaping up. They have been incredibly painstaking. 

I was also able to get the right side of the tank about done as well. Tomorrows plan is to address the issues on the left side of the tank, as well as the one dent at the tip of the seat (this dent has given me the most trouble for some reason), wipe everything down and then hit it with etching primer. This will really help make any issues apparent. I know there will be no shortage of spots that need to be addressed. The only issue I ran into today was that I dropped the bike while moving it around. I just didn't have the muscle strength to keep it from falling over. I cannot believe that the tank wasn't damaged at all. The only issue was that the right mirror broke. I just got those. But...I'd rather lose the mirror than have to repair the tank.

That's about it. My kick ass wife and I will be hanging out with the pups tomorrow and taking it easy. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for checking in.

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