Saturday, September 28, 2013


This morning I was able to finish up the 3,000 mile tune up. All I had left to do was adjust the valves and the cam chain. Adjusting the valves is pretty straight forward on this motor. After pulling the ignition cover, I set the motor at top dead center for the #1 piston and then removed all of the tappets to gain access to the top of the valves. Here the tappets are already gone. When the crank is put at that position, you'll either have the valves for #1 cylinder loose or the ones for #4 cylinder. If you're like me and prefer to start with cylinder #1 (read...completely anal) and the valves for #4 are loose, just turn the crank another 360 degrees back to the timing mark and then the valves for #1 cylinder will be loose. 

The exhaust valves get adjusted to .08mm with a feeler gauge and you just need a flat blade screw driver and 10mm wrench to make the adjustments. Intake valves get adjusted to .05mm. I adjusted all the valves twice to be sure. When you can adjust #1 cylinder valves, you'll also be able to adjust one of the #2 cylinder valves and one of the #3 cylinder valves. Likewise, you'll hit the other two when both #4 valves are open.

The cam chain on this motor is supposed to be self-adjusting but it's good to check it anyways after setting the valves. It's on the backside of the motor just above the starter cover. You'll see a slotted stud with a 10mm nut on it. The adjustment process for this is to put the motor at 15 degrees after top dead center on the #1 cylinder and crack that 10mm nut loose. Chances are highly likely that you won't even see that slotted stud move (it's that minute if at all). Then snug down the lock nut again. Done.I checked this twice as well.

After everything was buttoned up again, the motor fired up and ran better than before. I took it for a longer ride around town. It still wants to idle funky and now, at 3000 rpm's and in third gear (super steady) you can feel it surge. I'm 99% sure it's just filthy ass carbs. I've suspected this all along but wanted to make sure everything else was right before doing them. So...that's gonna happen soon.

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