Friday, September 20, 2013

Cafe Racer

Got a bit more done on the Cafe Project tonight. New spark plugs went in. Right side exhaust and rear shock was pulled and polished. Rear wheel was polished. Chain was tightened. 

Here are some pics of the filthy rear wheel before I started. 

Another shot of the rear wheel.

Here's everything back together again. I did replace another head stud for the exhaust and got the rear wheel as clean as possible. While reinstalling the right side exhaust, I could feel another stud getting ready to pull out of the head but I'll address that later on.

Right now I have done everything involved in a 3,000 mile tune up but adjust the valves, adjust the cam chain tension, and look at the points and set the timing. I'll try to do that real soon here. It still runs a bit rough. I'm able to ride it around town with no issues but I know it can run better. I think it's running really rich (at least on some of the cylinders). Idle is a bit fawked up. Sometimes it hangs at 2 grand and I have to futz with the idle screw. I'm sure that I will end up rebuilding the carbs soon and synching them and that should make things a lot better.

I'm also trying to figure out what I want to do with bars. Right now I'm running drag bars but the issue is that I can't lower the levers to where they need to be because the master cylinder hits the top triple tree. I could run risers to address this but I'm also now looking at Clubman bars which I've always said I wouldn't run.

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