Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cafe Racer

Not sure how I got as much done to the Cafe Project tonight as I did but...I did. I got the neutral wires all tucked back in and out of the way, pulled the clutch cable and lubed it, reinstalled the left side cover, adjusted the clutch cable, pulled the left rear shock and polished it up, pulled the left side exhaust and polished it, cleaned the left side frame and then went to reinstall the exhaust and had a header stud pull out of the head. It doesn't appear to sit too far into the head though so I'm hoping I can get by with a bit longer stud and finding fresh threads a bit deeper. I only need like another quarter of an inch. My life story. Bike is coming around. It fired right up instantly tonight with a good charge on the battery. I hope to get the right side exhaust, shock and frame cleaned and polished by the weekend and then I'll have to tackle the rear wheel. It's a mess. I'll probably pull it and soak it in engine degreaser and then spray it off and polish from there. My air intake parts got here yesterday. I think the motor runs fat so we'll see if the box and filter even things out a bit. If not, then I'll probably look at ignition and adjusting the valves next before finally messing with carbs. The goal is to get this thing as reliable and clean as possible over the winter and be able to ride it next spring/summer and then figure out what I want to do for long term looks like paint. I have some ideas. I also have an issue with the bars. They are drag bars which I really like but the master cylinder hits the top triple tree and can't be adjusted down low enough. It's rideable but not comfy by any means. So since the bars I want are out of stock, I'll either wait until they are back in or throw on some small risers. I'll also go through the wiring over the winter to make sure nothing looks bad. 

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