Saturday, August 17, 2013

So Long Orbea

The Orbea did not sell the first time I listed it on ebay. I had one local guy that called twice to set up times to come look at it but then never showed up. I turned right around and re-listed it on ebay and it sold Monday. I immediately sent the invoice to the buyer and heard nothing which is unusual. On Tuesday night I sent the buyer a message asking if they received the invoice. He said he had but that he wouldn't be paying for the bike until Friday. I've never had that happen before and now understand why some people mention payment within a specific time in their ad. Yesterday I got notification that the money had shown up in my Paypal account. So this morning, I got to work on boxing it up. Shipping bikes can be expensive. Even though the buyer paid for the estimated shipping, I knew I could make another 50ish by making the box as small as possible. 

I damn near took the whole bike apart. Here's the last peak at the bike. This thing is headed to California and it cost just under 70 bones to get it there. Kinda sad to see it go. So long.  

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