Friday, August 23, 2013


The other day I had an appointment with a new doctor who is a spinal specialist. It was a long appointment but the result was confirmation that there does appear to be a nerve coming out the side of the spine that is getting pinched/irritated once in a while. Some days it's fine. Others I could cry just sitting as motionless as possible. The drugs seem to be blocking the nerve receptors but I don't wanna live like this. So for now, I am going back for more physical therapy with a new therapist that this new doctor works with sometimes. He's going to use what's known as dry needling which I'm really excited about. From what little I know, it's similar to acupuncture. I'm also going back to get another Cortisone injection into the disc. We also talked about another, slightly more invasive idea, where they would go in and burn the outside of the nerve just a bit so it wouldn't be as sensitive but that's down the road. I'm still taking it easy but hoping the PT will do something this time.

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