Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Miracles!!

I've never been a fan of the holiday season but the longer I am with Heather, the more I look forward to it. Damn if she isn't contagious. This year I came down with a nasty flu 2 days before I was supposed to have off for break and it lasted 7 days. Normally I refrain from talking about work here but I'll share just a bit. On Sunday, one of my co-workers dropped off a bag of gifts on my porch from her, my other co-worker (we all work very closely within my program where we deal with students that exhibit emotional and behavioral concerns that keep them from being successful within the general education setting). In the bag was also a few gifts from students. This one student gave me this. It's a comb for bald men. You have to know this student but I'm sure he was disappointed that he didn't get to see me open it up. He would have laughed for hours. So...I will re-wrap it and then open it in front of everyone so that he can enjoy it. I was almost in tears. 

Apparently, another student thinks I have a drinking problem. He gave me the Serenity Prayer plaque thing. One of my lovely co-workers gave me the whiskey. I'll read the poem while drinking the whiskey when I'm feeling better.

If you know Heather and me, you know that our pups are our children. We had a bit of a scare a month ago when Dharma needed to have surgery but she is feeling much better and we can tell that she is in much less pain now. Every year, we get both dogs a stuffed animal and let them kill it. Dharma is pretty good because she knows the command "kill it". When it's given, she will shake her head from side to side like the ferocious pitbull that she is until nothing is left. However, something unusual happened this year. She does not appear to want to kill Mr. Bill. She carries him around the house and sleeps next to him.

We got Bodhi the same stuffed animal and he loves it as well. Bodhi is an unusual pitbull. He outweighs Dharma by 20 pounds but he's total chicken shit (although he has one hell of a loud bark). Inside Mr. Bill's chest is a device that, when squeezed, makes him yell out, "Oh nooooooooo." Bodhi dropped it and ran the first several times but he's coming around now but, as you can see no damage has been inflicted on either doll and this pisses me off. 

This year I received some lovely gifts from my wife. I got a new iPod because the one I purchased right before I did the Colorado Trail was ruined in that last rain storm. I think I have had 4 iPods in the last 2 years and almost all of them were purchased by Heather. She also got me this sheath. It's from Abel Reels. Abel makes some beautiful fly reels as well as pliers and knives. They have a plier/knife combo that is anodized like a brown trout and sells for $550. A lot of salt water guys use the pliers but I really do prefer my Leatherman. It fits perfectly but I still need to install the lanyard. I was lucky enough to get quite a few of my father in-laws knives. He had one stainless and polished Spyderco that is really nice that I wanted to use in the sheath but it's too big to fit. I was bummed and figured I'd just have to go shop for one that would work. Then I realized I had this Kershaw knife that was also his. It fits perfectly and I love that it was his. Every time I use one of his knives, I think of him.

Finally, I happened to be playing around on the internet the other night and found something that I have wanted for a while for my blinglespeed bike but just couldn't stomach paying retail for it and don't know anyone that can give me the homey hookup. Well I found said item for over 50% off. Heather encouraged me to get it after I chewed on it for 20 minutes. It should be here in the next several days. I'm not letting the cat out of the bag yet but I'm pretty excited to get it installed. More on that later.

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