Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feels like we've been here before.

I started going through my bike last night and finished it up this morning. It didn't need a whole lot. This is it packed with enough clothing in the saddle bag and a sleep system up front to keep me out there indefinitely. I just call it Blue. I took the drivetrain off the other bike (Shaft or Johnny Cash whichever you prefer) which is in sad condition right now just hanging in pieces from a hook in the garage after some serious pillaging. This is the first time this bike has been built up geared. I love the cable routing compared to the Orbea. Top tube cables present a problem when running a gas tank bag and there's more housing to deal with. I always had shifting issues when running fully loaded. This bike shifts excellently. I ran the front housing a bit longer and looped it around and then under the roll bag and then there's barely any housing back at the rear derailleur. Very little friction in this system. 

I am running a straight up 3x9 drivetrain. I do have some very minor issues with getting all the gears because stupid Shimano decided to keep up with the Jones' and go 10 speed so my new front derailleur is a bit narrower. I decided I'd rather have 32x34 with no rubbing and sacrifice the 42x12 or 13 or whatever it is. I think it'll be fine. I also get all the stupid climbing gears but, oddly enough, I haven't ridden anything but the middle and big ring since changing from the singlespeed. I'm sure that time is just around the corner. 

Nothing you haven't seen before. I use my heart rate monitor religiously and have become very strict about dialing the effort back as soon as I see 155.

I loves me some clean bikes.


Kurt said...

Best of luck out there! Just keep things nice and easy on Day 1. Too many people go out there and blow themselves up right off the bat, and it's really tough to recover on that course. I've done that myself there.

Enjoy the ride and all that scenery!

Chris said...

I think for the first time ever I am going to start this year like its 500 miles long and not a XC deal. Should be cool.

Thanks Kurt.