Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 more days.

Today I did a 2.5 hour ride in the sprinkles with 2 hill climb intervals of 30 minutes a piece. The plan said to climb each one at about 153 beats per minute and then take it up to 162 beats per minute towards the end if perceived exertion wasn't an issue. I was breathing heavier at 162 but no discomfort at all (until I rode by the recent cow elk road kill).

The weather has been a bit odd lately. A month ago we had fires and really hot temps then we had about 4 days in a row where we didn't see the sun at all and it poured day and night and now things have cooled off at altitude with more typical storm activity. We had one small window open tonight while watching television and Heather was wrapped up in a fleece blanket. I have actually considered bringing a full down jacket instead of just a vest but it's rare for me to get cold and I hope to be moving and generating some heat and not laying there like a cadaver.

Tonight I bought $50 worth of batteries. One set of Lithiums was for my SPOT unit and another for my GPS with 4 sets of 123 batteries for my light ($10 for each set!!!!). I decided to buy that many and bring them along because I've had difficulty finding them even here. These are fairly typical camera batteries and I thought they would be more readily available. Tonight I walked up to get the mail with the light that I plan on using. I have not ridden with it at night yet. Probably should get out and try it but, at this point, I think I'll wait until Monday night to see how it is while riding because even if its not enough light, nothing I order will get here in time anyways. I think it'll be fine. I like riding at night. It's quiet, cool, spooky and you generally see more critters than in the daylight. I'll have to get pictures of the light and the mount tomorrow. The mount is bad ass! Even after this is done I may order one up just to have it because its so fawkin cool! I'll show you in the morning.

Heather and I took the dogs for their evening walk tonight and were talking about pick up options. She does not have the summers off anymore so this could be interesting. I really won't know until I get into this thing. I have hopes of where I can get to on days 1 and 2 and if that happens then it means that day 3 will be very painful and slow. In 2009 I rode from about 7 in the morning until about 6 that night and covered 50 miles in that same area and that's what popped me. I'm looking forward to seeing that area again but, this time, if everything goes as planned, I'll hit it at night.

So excited right now!!!!!!

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