Saturday, July 28, 2012

Colorado Trail Race 2012

This is my fourth attempt at this beast. I think this is the one. Not sure why but I just feel incredibly calm right now. I know that there are only a few things that I can control (like where my heart rate is, how much I eat, how much I drink, etc.) and that I just have to let the other things go. In years past I have not done a good job at all of controlling the things that are within my power. I feel much more disciplined right now. This year I will not start over my head. I'm going to emulate a turbo diesel motor.  Or...Tippy the Turtle. 

We will leave from Waterton Canyon at 0600 on Monday and the adventure will begin. Here are some links where you can follow along. 


Dan Schmatz said...

You got this.

Chris said...

I know. Thanks Dan.

Anonymous said...

If you can beat last night you can beat anything! Go get'em Chris
Steve Crosby

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like you finished, hopefully! No spot for the last 12+ hours. Hope all is good, and congrats on finishing this up!