Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still alive

Work has been really busy this last week and this week will likely be a repeat. I haven't done much during the week because I've been working late most nights but I did get out Friday night after my wife insisted on it after making me a killer plate of home made enchiladas. I got out to the river at about 7. The fields are turning gold and the walk in was nice. There were three trucks there and all of them were leaving as I was suiting up. 

It is amazing how many fish you see at night. It's just safer for them and they really come out to feed. I'm starting to see more fish and bigger fish each week. Right when I got to the water I spooked 3 really nice ones in the first hour. I missed about a dozen fish but I suspect they were just smalls who didn't quite have the entire streamer in their eager little mouths. At about 9:30, I swung a black streamer through a deeper pool on a dead drift and this one took it. It wasn't huge but still about 18 inches with gorgeous color.

Saturday Heather and I hung out and went to dinner. On the way, we stopped at a local shop to look at toys. Last year at this time I lost my tie dyed clamps and they happened to have a set in stock so I bought them.

I also picked up this little guy. Right now there is a whole lot of big bug activity on the surface of the water even late into the night so I think there's a lot of fish looking up. I hope to be able to get out some night this week and swing it through a deeper pool for a meat eater. Hoping for a little bit of Alaska.

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