Monday, September 17, 2012


About 6 years ago I was working with a woman and, one day, she said, "Hey are you interested in possibly buying an old car?" Being a gear head I asked her what it was. A 63 Thunderbird. Now...I'm not a Ford guy at all but the T-Bird was a pretty kick ass car. It had a 390 cubic inch motor and cool lines. I asked her what she wanted for it and she said she wasn't sure. We danced around a little bit with her hand on my ass but it never went any further. Tonight, Heather was at the grocery store and ran into her. She asked Heather if we were interested in checking it out. It's supposed to be down in storage in Colorado Springs. I have no clue how long it's been down there. I don't even know if it runs. I do know that she wants to get rid of it. I think I have Heather convinced that we should at least check it out. Between 1962 and 1963, Ford sold a few hundred models of the T-Bird that had the 390 motor with three 2 barrel carbs. It's very rare. I wonder if it could fit in my garage?  Can you picture this car, slammed to the tarmac, with patina paint and a fly rod strapped to the roof headin to the river? 

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TK said...

Un...freaking...believable. Awesome car.