Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cheesman Canyon

I made some huge sacrifices for my cycling this year and some I wasn't thrilled about. I hate that my wife and I didn't get to spend more time together and with the dogs. I hate that I didn't get to fish hardly at all. I'm really trying to immerse myself with some good things right now. Heather and I have had some good times since I got back and I've been tying flies again, watching Trout Bum Diaries and today I got out to Cheesman Canyon with my buddy Steve. I can't remember the last time I was down there. 

I didn't have that many flies because I'm still trying to build up my stock again after having the car broken into and all my stuff stolen but I had enough to make a day of it. Saw a lot of fish today and all of them were feeding well. This is the first of about a dozen browns that would see the net today. This one took a #18 Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail. 

There was a lot of bugs doing their thing.

This is my buddy Steve showing his world class form.

I caught this gorgeous brown on a #20 RS2.

I don't know why but I love this picture. She was ready to leave.

This big boy was not happy that I stepped on him. It's a Bull Snake and I've seen so many of them in this area while cycling over the summer. Seems I never see one under 5 feet.

Great day out on the water today. Before we know it, fall will be here and the browns will be spawning and it will be streamer time.

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