Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big bucks

I saw some incredibly big Mule Deer today. First I saw one when I was out on a ride. He was alone and eating in someone's front yard. I was in a pretty remote area and really wanted to get closer but you never know out here. Some people get pretty worked up over strangers. It was the biggest buck I've ever seen. He was standing next to a Mitsubishi car and honestly dwarfed it. I stayed there for about 20 minutes in awe but he never moved and just kept staring at me. We were running errands and took a scenic route home to try to see some wildlife and came across these guys. There were 5 bucks. This one was with 3 others. He still had some velvet on his rack but one of them had been fighting a lot and looked rough.

This guy was alone and he was impressive looking. The picture didn't turn out so well but I counted 16 points and his neck was huge. The one I saw while out riding would have put this guy to shame though. Really wish the picture had turned out better than it did.

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